Light Painting Photography
Amazing light painting photography of many types of vehicles from Mounds View, Minnesota photographer, Michael Anderson. Here, you'll find the "before" photos, followed by the amazing one-of-a-kind light painted photographs of fabulous cars, awesome trucks, aircraft, heavy construction equipment, fire trucks, police cars, cool motorcycles, and much more!
Light Painted Corvettes
Fabulous Corvette photography from Mounds View, Minnesota photographer, Michael Anderson! Michael has created many light paintings of Corvettes! So many, that they are now featured on this light painting photography gallery page of their very own! Please enjoy the "before light painting" photos and the completed one-of-a-kind artworks at your leisure. Thank you!
Other Light Painting Projects
Amazing light painted photographs of vehicles, buildings, and other unique items. All of these images were created by Mounds View, MN photographer, Michael Anderson. You'll see the "before" photos, as well as the completed light paintings of a variety of subjects. Including unique aircraft, cars, Coca-Cola products, restaurants, an interior remodeling project, and musical instruments.
Light Painted Police and Fire Emergency Vehicles
Fantastic photography of police cars and fire trucks from Mounds View, MN commercial photographer, Michael Anderson! These are the set-up photographs, followed by the completed one-of-a-kind light paintings of some cool police cars and fire trucks. Some of these light-painted photographs even include police officers, firefighters, engaged couples, and even kids!
Light Painted Construction Equipment
Awesome light painted photographs of heavy construction equipment from Mounds View, Minnesota commercial photographer, Michael Anderson. These unique images are preceded by their "set up" photos, usually done just before sunset. Then the subject is photographed in the dark using dozens of exposures that are then combined later on in post-production. The finished images show the difference between a traditional photo and a light painted photograph.
Light Painting at Weddings
Stunning wedding photographs that are all produced in the dark at weddings. Each of these one-of-a-kind images was created by professional wedding photographers Michael and Joannie Anderson, from Mounds View, Minnesota. They are the world's only light painting wedding photographers who produce full-scene light paintings at their clients' weddings.
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